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Rubber Course

This course is for Rubber Fetishists or those who are interested in latex sessions.

I have a large selection of rental costumes and goods for you, so you don't need to bring your own latex gear. ​ You can enjoy the pleasure of getting your whole body slippery with silicone oil, Full-body restraint with Vacuum Bed or Sleep Sack, Breath Control,  Smell Training with a Piss Bottle, Animal Play,

...and more.


You can also order some options from the Basic Course so this course would be the best one for anyone interested in latex, in which all your desires come true.

Usage Fee

​120 mins ¥50,000​

180 mins ¥70,000

Extension 10,000 yen / per 30 mins

Play Menu

Full-Body Latex Outfits (on both you and me), Sensual Teasing , Full-Body Restraint with Vacuum Bed (additional fee: 10,000 yen) or Sleep Sack etc., Oil Messy Play, Breath Control with Gas-masks or Re-Breather Mask, Exchanging Each Other's Exhaled Air, Smell Training with Piss Bubble Bottle, Animal Play (Dog or Pig), All Play from the Basic Course (excepting some play which may cause some damage for latex)

​​Please check Tool List for Rubber Course

Your and Domina's Outfits

[ Domina's Outfits ]
Please check "Profile" and note it on your 
booking form.
Please inform me in advance if you want me to wear a whole head mask so I can prepare to reapply my make-up.

[ Rental Costumes ]

Various kind of Hole-Head Masks, Underwear, Gloves/Socks, Animal Masks, Penis Sheaths... are available for rent!!! (Catsuits are out of stock.)


  • Rubber is extremely susceptible to damage. Please be careful when you use my rental costumes.

  • It would be very helpful if you could trim your fingernails for your session.

  • It will take 15 minutes both to prepare and to clean up when using large items. ( e.q. Vacuum Bed )

  • Large items might not be able to be used depending on the size of the room. Please choose a larger room. A Queen or King size bed  is best.

​I m a g e  G a l l e r y

Rubber Course

Rubber Course

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Guest's Reviews

20 years of age Male Rubber Course 120 mins

SM初心者の私ですが大変満足させていただきました。 サイトにはコース別でプレイ内容や例などが詳しく載っており、予約手続きはスムーズに行われました。新宿のホテルを手配したのですが、新宿周辺は多くのラブホテルがあり選ぶのに苦労すると思いますが、SMプレイは道具を多く使用するため広めの部屋が適しているようです。私はラバーコース120分を予約したのですが、呼吸管理、ペニバン挿入、ラバーベッドを堪能することができました。R女王様は予約後の連絡も優しく対応して下さり、客(奴隷)の趣味嗜好をくんでくれます!プレイは本格的でSMの世界にどっぷり浸かるきっかけになると思います!

Under Construction...


Under Construction...




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