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Basic Course

The course recommended for most first-time clients. It includes






You submit to me and are restrained physically and mentally,

to fully enjoy various kinds of teasing and torture.

Session Fee

90 mins ¥35,000

​120 mins ¥40,000​

180 mins ¥60,000

Extension 10,000 yen / per 30 min

Play Menu

Play Contents of Basic Course

Shibari (Suspension available depending on location), Various Kinds of Restraint (Mummification or Full / Part Body Restraint with Fetish Gear), Sensual Teasing / Torture (Hard or Soft), Edging, Whipping, Hot Candles, Verbal Humiliation, Facesitting, Nipple / Anal / Urethra Training, Enema / Forced Defecation, Chastity, CBT, Ejaculation Control, Shaving Pubic Hair (on you),  Writing on your Body with pen, Water Torture, Wet and Messy,  Story Play (Your Scripts Welcome), Scratching / Biting / Kicking, Trampling, Cross-Dressing, Fetish Play (Foot etc.), Body Fluid Fetish (Spit, Pee)  ..etc.

Domina's Outfits

Check "Profile" page and order on booking form.

Rubber costume are not available on this course.


  • Scat play will be possible from the second session, after meeting once and discussing our terms. (Not available for first-time users.)

  • If a large amount of tools, supplies, or consumables are required, additional optional charges may apply.​

  • Cross-Dressing stuff (Make-up products, Wigs, and Lingerie)  are available for rental. Option fee ¥2000 will be charged.

  • We are very welcome that you bring your own costumes and gears. ​​

​I m a g e  G a l l e r y

Guest's Reviews


Male 50 year of age / Basic Course 120 mins

I was nervous to be the first independent artist, but I started with my long-awaited human ashtray play and was excited from the start.

After that, I had her put restraints on both her arms, a full-head mask, and chains on her nipples. The excitement continued. After removing all of that, I played with her using hemp rope.

Before I could catch my breath, I was rolled over on the bed, received a mountain of saliva, and then ascended to heaven with a large amount of holy water. From start to finish, I was embraced with the kindness of the Virgin Mary, and the various attacks were backed by a solid skill, making it a very satisfying two hours. I hope to see you again soon.


Male 20 year of age / Basic Course 90 mins

An elegant and lovely person with a genuine passion for fetishism and a  strong desire to dominate, Domina R left me stumbling over my words from the moment she entered the room. After composing myself, we shared a brief conversation, in which I could tell she was professional, yet very friendly, with a high level of English proficiency. Once the session was underway and I was throroughly encased within her inescapable bondage, it only took but one look into her eyes for me to fall completely under her control. As she enthusiastically used my body as she pleased, I felt utterly dominated by her, yet safe and secure, knowing that my mind and body was in the lovely and capable hands of the captivating Domina R. Her genuine enthusiasm and passion for her craft made our time together all the more pleasurable, amounting to an unforgettable experience that I will forever treasure!


Male 50 year of age / Basic Course 120 mins

I have been playing with Domina R since her previous club days, so she knows all about my special maniac tenderness, and I was able to have an experience that was better than I could have imagined. After playing, I feel truly fulfilled. This time, the torture was even more powerful than before, and the warmth, smell, and feel of that time are still fresh in my mind. There is no doubt that this feeling of being mentally controlled will become addictive for me.

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