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Dominatrix based mainly in Tokyo.

I'm involved in many activities, not only BDSM sessions but also publishing art works that I myself appear in and produce, designing SM shows, and holding offline parties.

I have my own fan club, (please check my Onlyfans).

My future dream is to create my own BDSM dungeon!!

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Look through my outfits and request one for me to wear in your session.

More about me

My Approach 

Even if you’re a beginner to SM,
I will come to you with an open mind in order to read and understand your desires and dreams,
and then translate them to reality.
Of course, experienced slaves and fetishists are also welcome.

Session Style












Rubber, Nawa, leather...those restraints are indispensable for my session.
By using them, I will first restrain the whole body (or part of)  you all, slaves.

 I want to show you a sensual fusion of pain and pleasure.

 I will carefully observe your words, your breathing, your eyes...

Until the stroke of my whip sends a flash of ecstasy across your body. ​

You have understood the new equation of "pain = pleasure",

You are totally controlled by me mentally and physically. ​


If you wish, I will also tell you strict instructions on the behavior and manners you should have as my exclusive slave.

A good slave will be given what he wants. ​

Come to me and become my irreplaceable slave.

My Favorite Things

Cigarettes, Whiskey, Black Tea, Music and Art that enrich my mind


Sessions with clients, Producing online content for subscribersSM show design, Holding and appearing in offline events, Media appearances, etc.

(The latest information is posted on Twitter)



I started my career as a staff member of BDSM bar "Sugar Heel" at Roppongi in 2012.

The next year I became a founding member of the SM idol group "Fetties", which was very active until 2020.

I eventually left Sugar Heel and joined BDSM club "Mars" in 2016.

In 2022 I registered as an independent dominatrix.

Official fan club

【Fantia】R女王様奴隷クラブ ※日本の方向け

【Onlyfans】※For English speakers






【不定期連載.Vol,11 R】コロナ時代のフェティシストたち|Rei Hourong

【名言出た!】R女王様のSMしてよかった事!/新宿のSMクラブParaphiliaのエリカ女王様のYoutubeチャンネル @YouTubeより

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