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Please read all the information below and choose a course.

Then fill out the booking form and submit.

Business Hours
Wednesday to Sunday 3pm to 10pm
*Closed Every Monday and Tuesday

Session Courses

Please check our session courses and usage fee.

Basic Course

For a variety of BDSM players. Recommended for first-time clients.

Rubber Course

For rubberists and who are interested in latex sessions.


Reservation and Payment

  • My booking agent will respond to your email within 48 hours after you submit the form below. Your reservation will be completed after confirming the schedule and the play content in detail.
    (If you do not receive a response, please check your spam folder before resending.)


  • We will send you an email on the day before your session in order to confirm. Please be sure to respond to it.

  •  We cannot accept a booking on the day, so please contact us well in advance. To be sure to avoid disappointment, we recommend a month before your desired session date, however we may be able to accommodate requests at shorter notice.

  • Please prepare the session fee in cash on the day.
    (Credit cards are not accepted.)


  • The hotel charge is not included in the session price. It is your responsibility to cover it.

Location and Time

  • You can use a hotel or a studio within walking distance Shinjuku station as your session location. (Our recommendations below)
    In the case of sessions outside Shinjuku, an additional transportation fee will be applicable.


  • For first-time clients; 
    Please meet me in the lobby of the hotel and cooperate with our security check. Then and check in to the room.

  • For repeaters;
    Please check in to the room and tell us your location and room number.


  • My days off are every Monday and Tuesday.​

  •  Sessions can start from 15:00 to 22:00.

  • A late night surcharge will be applicable for sessions that start at or continue after 22:00.

  • If the end time is after 23:30, an additional taxi fee will be applicable in order for me to return home.

Prohibited Action and Hard Limit

  • I am an independent dominatrix. Please understand my concept at first before you make a booking.

  • We may refuse your booking if your email is too garbled or impolite.

  • The following are strictly prohibited. I may stop your session immediately without a refund if you do or try to do these behaviors.

    * Customers under the age of 18
    * To request or to force sex or oral sex (including kisses and blowjobs)
    * Me becoming topless or nude
     Actions that may cause sexually transmitted disease
    * Requests that are unhygienic for me
    * Photos, video or audio recordings of the session without prior permission
    * The presence of a third party in the session room without prior arrangment

    * Intimidation, assault and other crimes
    * To use or be under the influence of drugs, or to be heavily intoxicated by alcohol.
    * Other actions at my discretion.

Cancellation Fees

  • In case of cancellation the day before
    50% of your session fee​


  • In case of cancellation on the day
    100% of your session fe

  • In the case of cancellation without notice on the day
    100% of your session fee
        + suspension from future sessions ​

    will be charged.

    ( If you have unavoidable circumstances such as physical, weather or transportation problems, please let us know as soon as possible.)

Booking Form

※ Required field

Choose your first and second preferences for the day of the session.

※Closed every Monday and Tuesday

Available from 3pm to 10pm.

Available from 3pm to 10pm

Please choose a course and total session time.

Type your message. (e.g. Play contents and Location you want to request)

※If you want to book a session outside Shinjuku, please specify it above. 


Thanks for submitting!!

Hotel Recommendation

Click the numbers in red circle and see our recommended Love-Hotels.

(Hotel PASHA, Hotel FORSION, Hotel Perrie)

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