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Rubber Course









This course is for Rubber Fetishists or Beginner Rubberists.
We have a large selection of rental costumes and goods for you, so you don't need

bring your latex gears. ​
Of course, you can enjoy the pleasure of getting your whole body slippery with oil, Full-body restraints with the Vacuum Bed and Sleep Sack, Breathing Control,  Smelling Training with Pis Bottele, and even Animal Play...

You can also order the Basic Course's menu so this course would can make your all desires come true.

Usage Fee


​120min ¥45,000​

180min ¥65,000


Extension 10,000yen/per30min

Play Menu




Both you and Domina wear rubbers and caress the whole body, Full body restraint on our Vacuum Bed (Option fee: 10,000 yen), Oil Messy Play, Breathing Control/Exchange using Gas mask or Re-Breath Mask, Piss Bubble Bottle, Animal Play(Dog or Pig), Various Plays from Basic Course (excluding cases where there is a clear risk of damage due to compatibility with rubber)

You or Domina's Outfits






Check "Profile" page and order Domina's outfit from booking form. Please inform in advance if you order Domina wear whole head mask in order to prepare for re-make-up. 



Various kind of Hole-Head Mask, Under Wears, Gloves/Socks, Animal Mask, Penis Sheatheath... are available for rent!!! (Catsuits are out of stock.)







●Rubber is a material that is extremely susceptible to damage. Please be careful when handling our rental costumes.

●It would be very helpful if you could keep your fingernails short and trimmed by the day of your session.

●If you use large items ( ex. Vacuum Bed ), it will take approximately 15 minutes to prepare and clean up.

●Large items cannot be used depending on the size of the room. Please prepare a larger room.

​I m a g e  G a l l e r y

Rubber Course

Rubber Course