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【レズ調教】『黒猫と檻』DominaR × 黒木菖蒲 コラボ動画作品


女主人(R)の檻に監禁された雌猫(黒木菖蒲)。 拘束靴を履かされ、首輪を着けられた雌猫は、この日も女主人の気分の赴くまま弄ばれる…




艶かしいエナメルを纏い妖しく笑う女主人。 今夜の“お遊び”はまだ始まったばかり……。



🔴超強力電マでの容赦ない快楽責め&連続イキ‼️ 🔴羞恥的な鈴付きの乳首クリップ‼️ 🔴お仕置きの股間鞭打ち‼️ 🔴最後は電マ&バイブで同時イキ‼️




【 黒木菖蒲 】 Twitter : Fantia : ダウンロードはこちらから

[Lesbian training]

"Black Cat in the Cage"

Domina R x Ayame Kuroki collaboration video work

-Story- A female cat (Ayame Kuroki) who was confined in the cage of the dominatrix (R). The female cat is forced to wear restraint shoes and a collar, and on this day as well, she is toyed with according to the mood of the dominatrix... "Hey, cat. Walk around the room on all fours." "From now on, I'm going to do something that feels really good, but don't say it out loud." "I'll whip you 10 times the number of times you came." The dominatrix who wears lustrous enamel and laughs mysteriously. Tonight's "play" has just begun...


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